About Us

BySky — the first operator of business aviation in Belarus

Aircompany’s fleet includes Pilatus PC-12NG — best-in-class turboprop-powered business aircrafts produced by Europe’s oldest aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft (Switzerland).

BySky aircraft fleet is based at Minsk National Airport

Flights are made on a 24-hour basis. Unrefueled flight range with full traffic load makes up to 2,800 km. Flight geography is adapted to individual requirements of each customer. 

High-priority task of each flight — safety, service, confidentiality

BySky ensures a high level of technical support and permanent air worthiness of all aircrafts.
We offer a full range of business aviation services - from individual aircraft hire to arrangement of corporate flights and concierge service.

Highly-qualified aviation professionals

Our team consists of the specialists with a vast experience: pilots, flight safety specialists, technical personnel and ground management.  

BySky is a guarantee of:

State-of-the-art and reliable fleet

Considerable saving of time

Highly-qualified and experienced crew members


Favorable flight tariffs

Flight customization and comfort

High-standard service and privacy

Enjoy Business Aviation’s benefits in Belarus. Welcome aboard!