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The fleet is ideally optimized for any purposes and activities. State-of-the-art and comfortable Pilatus aircrafts will exceed any needs and requirements of the passengers.

Pilatus PC-12NG

Swiss Pilatus aircrafts will exceed all expectations of passengers

Max. flight distance

2 800 km
Maximum speed

528 km/h

up to 8 persons
Pilatus PC-12NG
Aircraft characteristics

Aircraft characteristics

  • Maximum distance 2 800 km
  • Maximum cruise speed 528 km/h
  • Passenger capacity up to 8 passengers
  • Maximum baggage weight 180 kg
Aircraft characteristics


Pilatus PC-12NG is rightfully considered to be one of the most successful universal aircrafts of all time. Its new version Next Generation (NG) combines an increased flight range owing to enhanced climbing performance and a larger Pratt&Whitney engine which makes it possible to develop cruising speed 20 km/h higher as compared to previous modification.

The aircraft is equipped with complex electronic hardware Honeywell Primus Apex. Its high automation level has considerably lowered the cockpit workload.

Cabin and cockpit area have been created in cooperation with BMW Designworks. Pilots enjoy new seats by Ipeco which provide more options for adjustment as compared to previous models, and, consequently, ensure more comfort.



Pilatus PC-12NG over competitive aircrafts in the same product class:

  • the most spacious cabin in the class
  • the highest useful load
  • the highest full-load range
  • the highest load capacity with a full tank
  • the highest flight range when fully loaded with fuel
  • 30% less fuel consumption