The system of available Empty Legs

Empty Legs – a popular way to book an aircraft ensuring a full service at a reduced price. It is ideal for those customers whose departure time is not strictly defined.

Flight under the Empty Legs system presupposes that the customer rents an aircraft which is flying without passengers to the same point of destination or to its home base.

Emtpy Legs system is a relatively new phenomenon in business aviation, however it quickly gained popularity as a convenient way of renting air transport allowing the customers to significantly lower the flight cost.

BySky’s pricing policy in terms of aircraft rent under the Empty Legs system is aimed at cutting down customers’ expenses. Sometimes customers may save up to 50% of the cost of the standard aircraft rent without compromising on the service quality.

It is understood that the level of customer servicing is identical to that available for the passengers of the regular charter flight: private jet, top-notch servicing, comfort, safety and all advantages of business aviation.